Rebekah & Matt: Tying the Knot

Congratulations Rebekah and Matt!!  I had  fabulous time shooting this wedding in Kentucky!  If you haven't been to Kentucky - I recommend a trip, because its absolutely gorgeous there!  

This wedding began like any other.... the girls all got ready in the upstairs of the church - carefully applying makeup and curling hair, while the guys goofed off downstairs and tied each others ties. The day quickly went on and before we knew it the ceremony and reception were over & the bride & groom were driving away to the honeymoon.  Now, what's unique about this honeymoon is that the Rebekah had NO idea where they were going!  Matt had carefully planned the trip himself without revealing the destination to anyone. Later that night, at a festive after-party, the father of the bride opened up a sealed envelope that gave the GPS coordinates of the honeymoon location.  We typed them into google maps & discovered that they were flying to Italy. Italy!   I personally would have been a little nervous about not having a say in the honeymoon destination, but I think its safe to say that Matt did a pretty good job all by himself.